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Developmental Issues and Challenges in India after Economic Reforms
Developmental Issues and Challenges in India after Economic Reforms
Department of Social Work Guru Ghasidas Vishwavidyalaya Koni Bilaspur CG
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1.      Theoretical Debates on a relationship between growth and development

2.      Measurement of Development Challenges

3.       The political economy of current growth euphoria and questioning current development paradigm

4.      Causes of growing regional disparities: Disaggregated Analysis

5.      Falling growth elasticity of poverty and declining employment elasticity of output.

6.      Development and dispossession in India

7.      Economic Inequality sources, determinants and challenges.

8.      Changes in a labour market in a post-reforms period

9.      Investments in human capital and social capital.

10.  Rural Transformation, Income & Employment

11.  Diversification and Structural Change

12.  Status & Strains in Rural Economy- Agriculture & Rural Non-Farm Sector

13.  Challenge of Poverty & Social Exclusion.

14.  Rural Industrialization, Including MSMEs

15.  Rural-Urban Linkages- Rural Towns as Growth Poles

16.  Identifying Drivers & Stumbling Blocks of Development.

17. Any other sub-theme related to the theme

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