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Multi-criteria Prioritization for Sub-watersheds in Medium River Basin using AHP and Influence Approaches

Hydrospatial Analysis




Prioritization , Ranking , Multi-criteria analysis , Correlation matrix , AHP , Weights , Influence

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Watershed is unique bio-physical unit of the Earth surface and source of resources to the human, animal and plants. AHP based multi-criteria analysis is suitable for prioritization of sub-watersheds in medium river basin for planning, management and development. Twenty five criterion i.e. area,\(P\)\(D_d\)\(T\)\(L_b \)\(R_c\)\(C_C\)\(R_f\)\(R_e\)\(L_u\)\(N_u\)\(F_s\)\(L_{sm}\)\(R_{L}\)\(R_b\)\(R_t\)\(B_s\)\(I_f\)\(R_{h1}\)\(R_n\) geology, slope, soil, rainfall and population density were selected for prioritization of medium watersheds of Upper Mula basin in Maharashtra (India). Correlation analysis is suitable for ranking the criterion selected for prioritization. Texture Ratio (25.94%), drainage texture (12.97%), stream order (8.65%), total stream length (6.49%) and ruggedness number (5.19%) show higher influences on development of watershed structure in the study area. Further, criterion like geology, rainfall, soil and population were show considerable influence in prioritization of sub-watersheds in medium river basin. Influences were estimated based on weights calculated using AHP technique. Values of influences were normalized using distribution of particular criterion within sub-watersheds. Watersheds are classified into high, moderate and low priorities. The methodology formulated in this study can be effective tool for quick prioritization of medium and major watersheds for planning and management for development.

Multi-criteria analysis using AHP technique with normalized influences is useful for watershed prioritization for management and development.

Morphometric, physiographic and demographic (25) criterion were used for prioritization.

Correlation analysis is useful for robust judgment of ranks.

Weights estimated using AHP technique were used for calculations of influences.

Calculated influences were normalized based on spatial distribution of selected criterion.

Sub-watersheds in the basin were classified into high, moderate and low priorities.

Distribution of rainfall, soils and population show importance in prioritization of sub-watersheds in medium river basins.

The methodology used for present study can be useful tool for rapid prioritization of watersheds.

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