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Multi-Criteria Watershed Prioritization of Kas Basin in Maharashtra India: AHP and Influence Approaches

Hydrospatial Analysis

1 (2017)



Watershed , Prioritization , Ranking , Multi-criteria analysis , Correlation matrix , Weights , Influence , AHP

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Watershed is unique bio-physical unit of the Earth’s surface and source of resources to the people. These resources are being exploited for various purposes. AHP based multi-criteria analysis is useful for prioritization of watersheds for planning, management and development. Nineteen criterion i.e. \(R_b\)\(L_b \)\(A\)\(L_b\)\(P\)\(D_d\)\(P\)\(F_s\)\(R_f\)\(R_e\)\(C_C\)\(D_t\)\(T\)\(D_i\)\(I_f\)\(R_{h1}\)\(R_n\) , slope and soils were selected for prioritization of sub-watersheds of Kas basin in Maharashtra (India). Correlation analysis suitable for robust judgment for ranking the criterion was used for prioritization of selected watersheds. Drainage intensity (27.80%), texture ratio (13.90%), bifurcation ratio (9.27%), geology (6.95%) and basin length (5.56%) show higher influence on formation of watershed structure in the region. Influences of criterion were estimated based on weights calculated using AHP techniques. Values of influences were normalized using distribution of selected criterion within the sub-watersheds. Watersheds were classified into three categories of priorities: high, moderate and low priorities. The methodology formulated in this study can be efficient tool for rapid prioritization of watersheds for planning and management for development.

AHP based multi-criteria analysis is useful for prioritization of watersheds.

Morphometric parameters, soil and geology were used for prioritization of watersheds.

Correlation analysis is useful for robust judgment for ranking the criterion.

Estimated influences were normalised using distribution of selected criterion.

Watersheds were classified into three categories of priorities: high, moderate and low priorities.


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